Let’s talk about bringing content into PV from an outside source like the internet or Photoshop.  While you can use the PV editors to create content, many people use other programs to create their content and then bring it into PV for scheduling.  When doing this, you must remember to make your content at the correct aspect ratio of your sign. This will prevent distortion out at the sign.

The first thing you will want to check before bringing content into PV is the file type.  Make sure you save your work as an acceptable file format: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .wmv or (uncompressed).avi.

Next, check the pixel width and height and make sure it matches that of your sign. For still images, you can use a scaled ratio without any problems out at the sign.
The last thing to look for is the file name.  DO NOT use any special characters in the file name. (ex. !@#$%^&*()+= etc…) Also limit the file name to 30 character to prevent any holdups on the sign.

Now to bring content into PV, simply drag-and-drop the file into the Content Library.  This will make the file available for scheduling.

What if you want to use content from the internet, like a generic message you downloaded from the webstore? That’s simple. PV has a re-size feature in the New Animation editor.  Instead of loading the file into the Content Library, we are going to bring it into a New Animation.

Step 1: To do this, go to the Content Tab and click the New Animation button.  This will bring up a prompt to name your file. (Note: never use special characters when naming a file in PV.)

Step 2: Once you name the animation, go to the Graphic tab in the editor and click the import background button. Browse your computer for the file you want to bring in and click open.

Step 3: You now have two options to crop the image.  You can click “best fit” for a fast crop, or use the “zoom” button to make a custom crop.

Step 4: Click the  Import button to bring the cropped image into the background of the New Animation.

Step 5: Save and exit the New Animation editor and your image is now a .PX2 in the Content Library. You can add text and change the hold time within the Editor window as well.


(Note: the process for bringing in videos is very similar.  Instead of the Graphic tab, use the Animation Background tab.)


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