These are really simple step-by-step instructions for creating a New Animation in PV.  The New Animation Editor is capable of more, but we want to keep this simple so we have just added one frame with two layers of text.

Follow these steps to create a really simple New Animation:
Step 1:  In PV click the Content Tab.


Step 2: Click the New Animation button.  This will bring up a window asking you to name the message.  Give your message a name you can easily relate to.

Step 3: Once you name your message and click OK, the New Animation Editor window will appear.  To start let’s add some text.  The Text tab has a white box where you can type your text.  You can move your text around by clicking and dragging in the preview window above.

Step 4: If you want to change the color of the text, click the text color button.  This will bring up the color palette.  Choose the color you want or create your own by clicking Define Custom Colors>>.


Step 5: Now lets change the color of our background so it isn’t a plain black background.  To do this click on the Graphic Tab.  The Graphic tab allows you to use the basic paint tools like paintbrush, shape, spray can, or fill bucket.  Use the fill bucket to change the color of the background.



Step 6:  We have a color in our background, with some colored text, now let’s change the hold time on our message so people can read it.  To change the hold time go back to the Text tab.  To the right is the Delay and Hold boxes.  A typical hold time on a two word message is 3-4 seconds.  You can have the hold time be as long as wish.  Double check with your cities LED sign laws and keep your hold times in accordance with the law.


Step 7: With the text and background colored, the hold time set, we are now ready to complete.  To save the message click Save changes and Exit.  This will save your New Animation as a .PX2 file in your content library.  From there you can schedule the message in your Play List or in a Schedule.




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