Pv11 can add dynamic text for a countdown message. You can use the built-in background color option, or create a background image/animation using a third-party program (ex. Adobe After Effects or Photoshop)

Follow these steps for a simple countdown message. Once you get a handle on how the feature works, you can customize your countdown even further.

Step 1: In Pv11, go to the Content Tab and select “Create Dynamic Image.”



Step 2: Import a Background Image/Animation (or simply add a background color if desired)

Step 3: Add the “Countdown” option.




Step 4: Check the show box for Days, Hours, Minutes, and/or Seconds. Also check any other box option you may want, like Show if 0, or Calculate.


Step 5: Now you will want to change the font, the color, size, and position of the text.  You can use various symbols for separators.

Step 6: (optional) Text when completed will show after the countdown is finished.


Save and Exit and the .DD2 will be saved in the content library.

You will still need to schedule this message in a schedule or your play list.

We noticed that using spaces as separators isn’t supported in all the versions of Pv11. So we have a little note for you if this is the case.

First: Follow steps 1-3 above. Then add four countdown data layers. (Day, Hour, Min, and Sec.) So you will end up having four countdown layers.

Second: Follow the steps above for setting the countdown, repeat for Day, Hour, Min, and Sec countdowns.  You will want to set the countdown Date/Time and check the Calculate boxes for the options  before the one you are currently on.  (ex: Hours; check the show box, and pad with 0 and show if 0. Then check the Calculate box in Days.)  For Days you only need to show.


[idz_info_box title=”NOTE:” class=””]This feature is only available in Pv11.[/idz_info_box]

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