In addition to the Playlist under the Display Tab, PV also offers advanced Scheduling by using the Schedule Tab. PV has four different types of schedules.

  1. The Combined Schedule
  2. The Uncombined Schedule
  3. The Cycle List
  4. The Exclusive Schedule

All the Schedules have start and stop dates and times. You can add any message from your Content Library into the schedules by dragging-and-dropping them into the schedule box. On the right of the schedule box, there is a start and stop date drop-down menu, and the time settings.

Time on Schedules are default to work day-to-day, however, if you check the Contiguous Time box under Schedule Options, the time will run from the first day to the last day.

You can preview your schedules activity by selecting a date or date range and clicking the “refresh” button.

The Schedules

Combined Schedules group all the messages together, running one message after another. All messages have the same start and stop date and time.

When you make a schedule uncombined, it means the messages inside that schedule are no longer grouped together. They still run, one message after another, but they each have individual start and stop dates and times.

Combined + Cycle List:
The Cycle List option is still a combined schedule, but they play individually, not one right after another.

Combined + Exclusive:
The Exclusive schedule will override all other schedules and become exclusive on the sign. The messages inside an Exclusive schedule all have the same start and stop dates, and will play one after another.

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