There are a couple of ways to schedule messages for your sign. The first and probably the easiest way is to use the Playlist under the Display tab.  The Playlist will store as many messages as you want and will play them in the order you set.  You can have multiples of the same message in the Playlist. Messages in the Playlist can also be reordered, so you can stagger the same message in between other messages. Putting messages into the Playlist is easy, simply select the message you want out of the Content library and drag and drop it into the Playlist.  There is also a green plus button located at the bottom of the Playlist.  To use the plus button, select the message in the Content library and click the green plus button as many times as you need. The same message will be placed in the Playlist multiple times.

Taking content out of the Playlist is similar, select the message in the Playlist, and click the red minus button at the bottom of the Playlist.  This will the take the selected message out of the Playlist.  The same message is still in the Content library for later use.

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