PV has Proof of Performance menus  for sign owners and users to create a type of receipt of the sign’s use. These are used mainly for third party advertising, like the large billboards on the freeway, that have several advertisers on one board.  The POP will create a receipt of the messages played from one client.   The POP menus are not active on default, you will need to activate them.  Follow the steps below to get started with POP.

Before we get started we need to setup up the POP file transfer to get the log (record of file use) from the sign.  To do this go to the Configure tab > Manuel Configure tab > Do not transfer POP files, uncheck.

POP Setup

Step 1: Activate the POP menus. Configure > Client Settings > Show POP Menus

Step 2: Create client profiles.  Client > +(green) > Client name/Agency name/Contact/Address/Notes

Step 3: Associate Media to Client (located under the Client tab down at the bottom)  This will open a new window with the content library.  Associate the client to their messages.  Any message not associated will be attached to everyone’s POP report.

Step 4: Create a contract for the client.  Contracts > New Contract > Fill in the boxes as needed. Choose the date range you want for the receipt or the POP report to show.

Step 5: Now to create the POP report.  Click the “POP Report” button under the Contracts tab.  There is a drop down menu with normal and detailed options.  Use normal for the first time, you can choose to use the detailed if you want later.

Example POP Report:

Example Normal POP Report

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