If you have the Prismview Mini2 then you can use the New Time and Temperature editor in Prismview.  This editor is made specifically for the Mini 2.  The background comes from your Content Library so make sure the background you want for your time and temp message is already loaded into Prismview.

Step 1: In Prismview Mini2 and under the Media Tab, click on the New Time/Temperature button.

Step 2: Give the message a name, choose the format, and background.  You can use Animations as well as still images for your background. These backgrounds come from your Content Library so you will need to import your background before you start the new Time and Temp.


Step 3: Now all you need to do is check the Show check box to turn the text on.  You can use any font loaded on the computer and adjust the size to fit the display.  Color and Anti-Alias is also available.

Step 4: Do the same thing for Temperature and your done.  Click the Save button to save the .TT1 to your Content Library.


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