Banner CMS

Release date: 2018

Publisher: Prismview LLC.



  • Cloud-Based. (usable with any web browser)
  • Simple content creation.
  • Direct link to CreativeEngine (6 months Free Access to Templates with purchase of a new display)
  • Direct link to Stock Media Library (Unlimited access for life of the display)
  • Web based Time and Temperature.
  • Playlist management.
  • Simple Calendaring/Scheduling. (Single Playlist on a given day)
  • Multi-User Management.
  • OEM Support Login.(allows an OEM's to access and support their customers directly)
  • Schedule Preview.
  • Basic Diagnostics Health Check. (Online/Health )

Still Image file formats:

It is important that your media is sized correctly for your sign's aspect ratio. Digital displays use RGB images, at 72 DPI.

  • .jpg
  • .bmp
  • .png
  • .gif (animated)

Animated/Video formats:

Animated files or videos are larger file types than images. As such, we recommend you limit the length of an animation to under 1 min. Banner can still run videos that are longer than that, but you may run into complications out at the sign if you have multiple videos.

Recommended File size: under 50MB

  • .mp4

Banner Manual

View Banner Basic User Manual
View Banner Advanced User Manual


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